errata V2 ... non officiel à ce jour ?

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errata V2 ... non officiel à ce jour ?

Message par lou_passejaire le Mer 7 Déc - 12:34


Despite our best efforts, the first print run of the Bolt Action rulebook has been hit by cowardly enemy saboteurs and one or two inconsistencies have crept in. Subsequent print runs of the book will have these errors corrected.

We will, of course, round up the perpetrators and have them suitably punished...

Page 4 ‘Shooting at Buildings’ should be ‘Shooting at
Units in Buildings’.

Page 39 Rule in the table for Down should read “…gain an extra -2 to be hit”.

Page 40 Under Effect of Pinning, the start of third sentence should read “A Regular infantry unit…”.

Page 53 Paragraph 2, second sentence – ‘three’ should be ‘four’, and ‘seven’ should be ‘eight’.

Page 56 Paragraph 2, fourth sentence – ‘7’ becomes ‘6’.

Page 69 Paragraph 3, fourth sentence – 4” should be 1”.

Page 70 Paragraph 2, first sentence – ‘124’ becomes ‘125’.

Page 79 Under ‘First Fight Round…’, last line – ‘110’ should be ‘112’.

Page 83 Paragraph 3, last line – remove ‘, as normal.’

Page 106 Under ‘Roll to Damage’, first paragraph – ‘what’ should be ‘what is’.

Page 109 Vehicle crew paragraph. Delete tenth sentence: “Ambushes are normally… …trigger ambushes’

Page 115 Units Aboard Transports, last sentence – ‘Ambush and Fire’ should be ‘Ambush or Fire’.

Page 116 Fourth paragraph – both instances of 6” should be 6/12”.

Page 122 First line – ‘at least partially’ should be ‘completely.’

Page 137 First Turn – replace paragraph with:
The battle begins. There is no first wave in
this scenario. All units not held in reserve are
deployed at the start of the game.

Page 146 Photo caption – ‘Ausf M’ should be ‘Ausf J’.

Page 160 88mm FlaK 36. Add ‘on the trails if necessary’ to the end of the paragraph.

Page 173 M4 Sherman 75mm. ‘134pts (Veteran)’ should be ‘234pts (Veteran)’.

Page 174 M7 Priest. Change end of paragraph from ‘7+’ to ‘8+’.

Page 195 T-34/76 Medium Tank. Change ‘134pts (Veteran)’ to ‘234pts (Veteran)’.

Page 199 Anti-Aircraft vehicles. Replace ‘American-built M17 half-track’ with ‘Quad Maxim on Gaz-AAA Truck’.

Page 222 Change rule for Down in Orders table to read “…gain an extra -2 to be hit”.


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Re: errata V2 ... non officiel à ce jour ?

Message par pattonx le Mer 7 Déc - 22:57

rigolo quand même!
erreur identique que dans le bouquin de la V1 anglais
exemple: les points (veteran)des sherman et T-34

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